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Ugly Bettys Friend Christina Is Fulfilling Her Lifes Ambition

Many viewers were familiar with the first Ashley Jensen, when she played Maggie, the dowdy, dim-bulb Sidekick to Ricky Gervais for his show-biz spoof Extra.
21.11.08 10:16

Sheikha Hessa Akon Upset

The Royal - full name Sheikh Hess Bint Saad Al Abdullah Al Sabah - are said to have outraged the hip-hop star when he pulled him from the top of law at the extravagant bash instead of stars from American TV show America Got Talent Nuttin But Stringz.. Dubai Sheikh Hess reported Akon shocked when he replaced him in the title act on his recent birthday party.
21.11.08 10:16

Music Review Usher The Family And Ladies Quot Man

View images Enlarge The sold-out show was the 10th leg of his 14-city Stand Ladies Only One Night Tour, and although there were a fair number of men, the suave Dalla-born, Chattanooga, Tenn. Singer-Bred mainly played to the crowd of screaming women present, changing suits three times before slowly taking his coat, jacket, dress shirt and sleeveless T-shirt to reveal his rippling muscles Bodybuilder. There were no special effects or elaborate props, not even an opening act Tuesday night at the Warfield - only two fast hours of music and movement from Usher Raymond, the soul of contemporary music permanent song and dance man l.
21.11.08 10:16

Larry King Hosts Childhood Obesity Panel

u003cP u003e u003c / P u003e To overcome the health crisis in childhood obesity in the United States, we need to change the culture symbolized by drive-in, Super-Sized value meals, the panel agreed on November 14 Southern California Health Panel leadership. Speaking at the Conference Center on Aresty USC Health Sciences campus, the health policy leaders joined CNN talk show host Larry King to discuss the causes, consequences and possible solutions for childhood obesity..
21.11.08 10:16

Rihanna Has Gucci And Giving Under Her Umbrella

Twenty-five percent of Sales of the line will be given to the UNICEF.. I love buying stuff l handbags and shoes. Therefore, his new collaboration with Gucci is an agreement made in sartorial heaven. You the face of Italian luxury brand Tattoo Heart accessory collection. I love fashion, the singer says with a sigh. I love the shoes. Rihanna has a foot fetish of sorts.
21.11.08 10:16

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